Will TechSmith Relay be available for the coming year?

This summer marks the official transition from one lecture recording service to another. This is an exciting time, and we want to ensure that you’re empowered to make this change with us.

Back in the Fall, we had sent out a note to everyone that indicated this would be the last year for our long-serving lecture recording solution: TechSmith Relay. The vendor has stopped making and supporting this software and consequently, we can no longer support the service. We have since transitioned to Panopto but kept TechSmith Relay for the Fall and Winter semester.  

We will be removing TechSmith Relay from classroom computers, while also decommissioning the service. We encourage you to remove the software from any computer you currently use it on as well, as the recorder software points to our service and will no longer function.

Any recordings you have made in the past still exist if you have links to those videos, they will continue to work. We encourage you to move those videos over to Panopto if you’d like to benefit from the rich feature set that Panopto provides, including video editing, automatic closed captioning, and easier integration with eClass. 

How do I add my existing TechSmith Relay recordings to eClass?  

You can simply add a link to your existing recordings in eClass by copying the web address when viewing the video and creating a web link. Follow our instructions on how to add a web link to your course

Or you can upload your existing recordings into Panopto to make use of the new features, such as editing and automatic closed captioning, here’s how

How do I get started using Panopto for new lecture recordings? 

No need to request a profile, you just need to add Panopto to your course, and then start creating videos.

Our team wants to ensure that you are fully comfortable with this transition, therefore we are also offering bookable, 30-minute one-to-one sessions over Zoom with one of our Learning Technology specialists. Book your appointment today

We look forward to supporting you in this transition.

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