Linking to Websites

To complement your course material, you might want to direct your students to view related Websites. The site link (URL) can be added to your course main page as stand-alone resources. 

  1. While on your main course page turn Edit mode on located in the upper right corner.
  2. Click the Add an activity or resource link in the course section where you want the link to be added.

  3. Select URL from the pop-up (listed under Resources tab).
  4. Enter the Web site title in the Name field. This name will appear as a link to access the web page on the course main page.

  5. Enter the URL you want to add in the External URL field e.g

  6. Expand the Appearance section and select the applicable display option from the Display drop-down list.
    • Automatic: eClass will choose the best display option from those available. Display Type
    • Embed: the website displays in a window embedded in the eClass page.  Scroll bars are included. The menu and location bars are not displayed.
    • New window: the website displays in a new browser window with menus and an address bar.
    • Force download: find out what this means

  7. Click Save and display

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