Not seeing all of your courses?

There are a few reasons you might not see the list of courses you are expecting to see.

Your course isn't available to you yet


We use authorative information on 'who's teaching what' from our Academic Resource Management System (ARMS). Once you've been assigned to teach a course there, you will be added to your course automatically. 


While many courses use eClass, some Instructors may choose to not use eClass and some may have chosen not to make it available to you just yet, choosing to make it available for the first day of that class. It's best to check with your Instructor to find out if there is a eClass course available to you.

You've recently switched your courses or section

If you've recently added a course or switched sections please allow up to 24 hours for it to appear in your list of courses. 

You have filters affecting your view

Make sure you are displaying courses that are In progress

Use the Filter in the Course overview block to show either In progress, Past or Future courses. You can also use this filter to see any courses you may have starred or hidden. 

Screenshot highlighting course filter menu on My courses page

Use the Search and Sort

Using the Search box can quickly help your find your courses, simply type the course name into the Search box.

Screenshot highlighting course search box

Along with searching for courses, you can use the Sort menu to organize the course list by course name or by last accessed. Click the Sort by course name button to access the drop down menu.

Screenshot highlighting course sort menu by name or last accessed

Change the layout and use the pagination

Beside the search and sort, there is another menu that let's you change the layout of the My courses page. Click the Card button to access the dropdown menu, here you can change the layout between card, list and summary.

Screenshot highlighting course list view options menu, as Card, List or Summary

At the bottom of the list of courses, you can change the number of courses that are displayed. You can also use the pagination links to see more than the default 12 that are displayed on the page.

Screenshot highlighting number of courses displayed menu

Make sure you haven't hidden courses

You can choose to remove courses from your view if they are no longer relevant to you, to do this click on the three vertical dots beside the course title and choose Remove from view.

Screenshot highlighting course action menu with options to Star or Remove

If you've removed a course from your view and want to be able to see it you can use your display filter to show all the courses you've removed from view.

Screenshot highlighting course filter menu with Removed from view selected

If you'd like a course that you have removed from your view to appear on your dashboard, click on the ellipsis icon next to the Course name and select Restore to view

Screenshot highlighting Restore to view option on course page with Removed from view filter selected

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