How to view your course as a student

When editing your courses on eClass, it’s normal to wonder what the course you’re making looks like for your students. Thankfully, eClass gives you a couple of options to test that out. You have the option to switch your role to a student for a quick look at how content appears, or enrolling as a DemoStudent to get a true immersive experience.

Switch your role to Student

Switching your tole to a student gives you a quick view of how a student sees your course. Unfortunately, there are limitations to this feature. When you switch your role to Student, you are unable to complete assignments and quizzes to be graded, as well as being unable to verify if restricted groups or groupings are successful in being restricted. If you'd like a richer view of your course use the DemoStudent block described in the next section.

  1. From within your eClass course, click on the arrow to the left of your Name in the top right corner and select Switch role to...
  2. Click the Student button, which will then redirect you to your courses main page
    Now you are viewing your course as a student, congratulations!

Use the DemoStudent Block

Using the DemoStudent block you can go through the course the same as an enrolled student can.

  1. From within your course select Turn editing on.
  2. In the left side menu of eClass, scroll down until you see the Add a block option and click it.
  3. A pop-up of all available blocks will appear. Scroll until you see the DemoStudent Block and select it.
  4. With the DemoStudent Block now in your course, you need to enrol a DemoStudent. Simply hit the Create a DemoStudent button, and your DemoStudent is now enrolled in your course.
  5. In the same block select the Switch to DemoStudent button to experience your course as a student in its fullest capacity. You can participate in your course just as a student. You can view content, take quizzes, submit assignments, anything you like. 
  6. At any point you can revert back to your instructor role by hitting the Return to my Instructor Role button. You can then take a look at any of the work that your DemoStudent has done and grade it to see how that looks on the Instructor side of things. 

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