How to create a Playground course

Once you are officially assigned to the course you are teaching through our Academic Resource Management System (ARMS), you will be added as an Instructor to your eClass course. If you'd like to start preparing content ahead of that happening you can create a Playground course in eClass. Once you've been officially assigned to your course you can use the copy content functionality to move your content from the Playground course into your course. A playground course is a great opportunity to try things out without affecting your current course design. You can play around with different layouts, formats or try out a new tool to see how it works. 

Please do not add students to the course or run your course from here.

To create a Playground course:

  1. Click on My courses at the top of your eClass page
  2. Click on Playground icon on the course ribbon
  3. Enter a name for your playground course that will help you easily identify it and click Create my playground course 
  4. Once completed, click on your course name to access it. You'll also receive an email with information about how to access this course.  

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