How to use the Menu/Tab format

The Menu/Tab course format provides a visual, organized display of your course content.

To enable Menu/Tab format in your course

  1. Click on the cog at the top right of your course and then click on Edit settings
  2. Scroll down to the Course format section and expand to view the options
  3. Change the Format by choosing Menu/Tab from the dropdown menu. Your browser will refresh and you will have options for the format.
  •  Number of columns: Your current course Topics or Weeks will become grid items, this option allows you to select how many grid items, or columns, you want per row. The default is 3.
  •   Top section collapsed: Section 0 or General becomes accordion content. This option either has the content closed or open when you enter the course.

How to set up your course content to work with the Menu/Tab format

It is important to understand that a section will not show up in the grid if there is no content in the section or if the section is hidden.

Turn editing on

You will notice that when you enter your course there is no content available except the 'Start' accordion. 

You also do not have the default linear sections as with other Moodle course formats. Turning editing on will change the layout to the default "Topics format" look and you can start adding content. As you add content to your sections in the course, you will see the grids start to appear.

Edit section

You can edit your section to add a custom title, a description and an image. Only use one image as all other images will be ignored. Only the first image is used. Ideally, you want to make your images a minimum width of 400px

Adding content to the course

Add content to your course following instructions at

Once you have turned editing off you will start to see your grids appear. Each box represents the Topic title.

As you add more content to Topics, more grids will appear. If no image or title is added to the Topic, it will display as a white box. 

Creating tabs to organize content within a topic

When not editing, the front page will have all sections with content displayed in a grid. However, when you enter the section, the content is then displayed in tabs.

If there are no tabs, no content will be displayed. 

Creating a tab is as simple as adding a label and selecting the "Tab" style from the Paragraph styles in the Atto editor. Any content under the "tab" label will be the content for that tab. You can repeat the step to add a second, third etc tabs.

  1. Click Add an activity or resource and select Label
  2. Enter the title you want for your tab in the Label text box
  3. Select the text and then click on the Tab icon in the editor 
  4. Click Save and return to course
  5. Add activities and resources as required for this "tab" under this newly created label
  6. Repeat these steps to add more tabs.
  7. Turn editing off in the course and enter your topic to view the tabs as a student will see them. 

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