How do I request an eClass course?

If you are an Instructor, you are automatically enrolled into the course you are teaching.

You are automatically assigned to your eClass courses based on information in Academic Resource Management System (ARMS). If you are YUFA, you will be assigned to your courses the day after you are assigned in ARMS, and for CUPE, you will be assigned, the day after the acceptance of your offer has been recorded in ARMS. If you would like access prior to your course assignment being recorded in ARMS, please send us an email to with the course information.

If you want to use eClass for non-academic purpose, please use the Request form to have your non-academic course set up. 

If you are a student,  you will see your course in eClass if an Instructor made it available to you. If you don't see a course you are expecting please reach out to your Instructor.

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