What can the logs tell us about students taking a quiz?

When a user interacts with eClass, such as, logging in and out of eClass, viewing course material, participating in discussion forums, submitting an assignment or taking a quiz, their journey throughout the course is time-stamped in the logs. 

For a quiz, the course logs help you understand and validate when your student:

  • viewed quiz 
  • started the quiz
  • viewed quiz attempt
  • viewed quiz attempt summary page
  • submitted quiz
  • reviewed quiz attempt

All of the these events are time stamped and can be accessed from the logs. Below is an example screenshot of what this might look like.

Course module viewed - This event is triggered when the student is on the quiz landing page before or after taking the quiz. 

Quiz attempt started - This event is triggered when the student begins their attempt.

Quiz attempt viewed - This indicates the student has viewed a question. In the above screenshot, the student appears to have viewed 10 pages. Each page could have one or more question depending on the layout designed by the instructor. 

Quiz attempt summary viewed - This indicates that the student viewed the summary page after finishing the attempt.

Quiz attempt submitted -  This indicates the student submitted the quiz after viewing the summary page.

Quiz attempt reviewed - Depending on the quiz setting selected by the instructor, the student may or may not be able to view the review page of their attempt. If the instructor has disabled students from seeing their attempt after submission, they will not be presented with the review page.

There are other information in the logs that might be useful. In addition to each event being time stamped, the IP address is also logged, which gives a general indicator of the geographical region the student has accessed the quiz from. However, the logs do not indicate if the student lost internet connection or if there was any delay in viewing questions during the exam.

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