Best practices for students taking an online quiz

Failure before you start the quiz, is not an option.

You have an important online quiz.

You’ve studied the material and you’re confident that you can get a great mark. All you need to do is to login to the site, get into that quiz, and put the time in. No problem!

Below we've captured a couple of extra considerations you may need to take into account when taking an online quiz. 

Internet connection....your lifeline to the course, the quiz and your success.

If you’re on wireless and you have the ability to physically connect to your internet connection: Do this first.

We recommend that you use a wired connection over a wireless (WiFi) at all times. If your internet is unstable, that’s one thing. If the WiFi is unstable, it could be something as simple as you being in an area where there are multiple WiFi hotspots that are using the same channels. This will cause issues. It is better to be wired in to the router and away from the invisible war for channel supremacy between yours and your neighbours routers.

Is your browser up to date?

Check that you are using the most up to date version of your Browser. See our recommended browser setting article for more information.

Have the power… so to speak

Make sure that your computer is plugged in to a constant power supply. Obviously for those of you who are at a desktop computer, you’re already doing this.

For those of you on a laptop computer, make sure your power supply is plugged in to the wall and connected to your laptop. There is no guarantee that your battery is going to last you to the end of the quiz.

However unlikely, mid-quiz is not the time you want to find out that the battery on your laptop can no longer keep a charge, even though it said it still had 50% left. Even if your quiz had an automatic save, or if you just clicked the save button, the next few minutes you’re going to spend trying to get back in to your course may be what you needed to finish on time.

Read the instructions

Before you start the quiz, make sure you are familiar with any instructions your Instructor might have provided. For example, how much time have you been given to take the quiz, are there any specific instructions about how you can navigate the quiz (i.e not possible to go back and answer questions you've already viewed).

Pay attention to your every move

When you’re clicking around in the quiz, make sure that you see the effect that your click has. If you click too close to a previous answer, you may inadvertently change it. Be careful, and review your answers before you move on.

Ultimately it is you who is responsible for the change that happens. Make sure you double-check your answers before you continue.

Time is a funny thing…

Don't leave it to the last few seconds (or even minutes) to submit your quiz. If you are taking a timed quiz you will see a timer so you can keep track of how much time you have left, but make sure you allow yourself time to submit. 

One last thing.

All of this is really important, so make sure that you can do your best to guarantee that your technical capability to get in, execute, and submit the quiz is as good as you can make it.

Don't forget to take a deep breath. You've got this.

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