Modifying a question after quiz has been taken

What can you modify within a quiz after it has been attempted?


When it comes to modifying quiz questions after attempts have already been submitted by students, there are certain aspects that are editable and aspects that can no longer be modified at this stage. In this article, we will discuss these aspects in details.

What can you edit/view after a quiz has been attempted?

  1. Regrade questions
  2. Preview an individual question
  3. Click on the cogwheel next to the question that will allow you to directly edit the question, as shown below:


You can always delete all quiz attempts by students and then edit the quiz as if no students had attempted it.

What can you not edit after a quiz has been attempted?

If one or more students have taken the quiz, you will see a list of all the questions in the quiz and a notice saying that you cannot add or remove questions, like in the screenshot shown below:


The order of the questions (including shuffling questions) can not be modified as well after the quiz has been attempted. You will not be able to move the questions around in a different order, or shuffle them as the shuffle button will be greyed out


Overall, the existing questions can be modified for the most part within an attempted quiz, however, adding, removing and changing the order of questions are not possible once a quiz has been attempted.

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