Zoom Client is Crashing or Freezing

Zoom for Windows Crashes during your meeting.


The Windows version of Zoom Client for Meetings is crashing when you host your meeting. This usually occurs when you enable the Live Transcript feature of your meeting.


There is an issue with older versions of Zoom where the transcription service will either prematurely end the meeting, or it will cause issues with the meeting. While there is no list from the vendor on what those issues are, some of the issues we have seen include the meeting freezing, and/or the Zoom client crashing. Restarting the application and re-entering the meeting will ultimately result in another freeze and/or crash. Some users have reported that disabling transcription will remedy this issue.


Zoom has recommended that affected users upgrade to the most recent version of the Zoom Client for Meetings. Ensuring you are on version 5.8 or higher should be enough to address this issue.

Download the most recent version of Zoom here:


You may also follow the instructions on the link below in order to update your Zoom Client  Application, instead of re-downloading it from scratch:


If you continue to have any issues with meetings after upgrading, or if you want to ensure that you are installing version 5.8 or higher on a clean environment, we recommend using the following application:


If you continue to have issues with your Zoom software, please put a help request in at askit@yorku.ca.

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