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On April 30th you will notice some changes to eClass, this article will walk you through all the changes and how to navigate the site, you'll find things will be easier to access, lets get started!

The new Dashboard

When you login to eClass, you'll see the new dashboard. The default view showcases a timeline section, list of recently accessed courses, and a calendar of eClass events and due dates.

Screenshot of new eClass dashboard

The first section you'll see is a timeline of the activities you need to complete across all your courses so you can stay on track. You can sort this list by dates and activity status, if it is due, overdue, etc. If you don't see this block it means you've modified your dashboard, we'll show you later in this article how to add the timeline to your dashboard. 

Screenshot of Timeline section on new eClass dashboard

Below you will see your recently accessed courses. To enter a course click on the title.

Screenshot of Recently accessed courses section on new eClass dashboard

Finally at the bottom of the page, you will see a calendar of your upcoming activities on eClass. You can add your own events to the calendar by clicking on the red New event button on the top right.

Screenshot of Calendar section on new eClass dashboard

Where are my courses?

On the top of the eClass site, you will see a couple of menu options. Click on the My courses text, this will take you to a new page with a list of all your courses on eClass that have been made available to you. 

Screenshot of My courses page on eClass highlighting My courses button on top of page

You can search or sort these courses by Past, In Progress or Future courses, by name or last accessed, as well as star your favourites, or hide those that you aren't interested in. To enter a course click on the title

Screenshot of Course overview section on My courses page with option to Star or Hide course

A new look for courses

When you enter a course on the new eClass, you will see it looks a little bit different!

Screenshot of new course look on eClass


On the top is your menu bar which gives you quick access to some areas of the course, this menu is contextual meaning that as you move through eClass it may change slightly giving you access to items that you need at that time. You can click on Course to return to your course home page at any time.  

Screenshot of menu bar on top of course page


Course Index

The left side of the page has a button to access a pop out Course Index for quick navigation of the course page and its sections.

Screenshot of course index icon on left side of course page

So you can quickly and easily skim and skip to areas of the course. 

Screenshot of course index opened


Collapsible Blocks

The right side of the page has a button to access another pop out menu for all the additional course blocks added by your instructor.

Screenshot of course blocks icon on right side of course page

These will change course to course, depending on the content your instructor would like to add.

Screenshot of course blocks opened

Customizing your dashboard

If you'd like to change up the look of your dashboard, or add the timeline block that was missing, you can do so by following these steps. Click the Dashboard text on the top of the eclass site.

Screenshot of eClass menu with Dashboard option highlighted

Once on your dashboard, you can click the Edit mode toggle on the top right of the page near your profile picture.

Screenshot of top right corner of eClass dashboard with Edit mode toggle turned on

In edit mode, you can choose to revert to the default dashboard layout by clicking the grey Reset page to default button.

Screenshot of Reset page to default button highlighted

Or you can add a block to your page. To add the timeline block, click the red Add a block button.

Screenshot of Add a block button on eClass dashboard highlighted

Then in the pop up menu, choose the Timeline option, you may need to scroll down as the list is in alphabetical order.

Screenshot of Add a block menu, with Timeline block option highlighted

The timeline block will now appear on your Dashboard. You can move a block by clicking and dragging the blue cross arrows on the top right corner of the block.

Screenshot of Timeline block with move arrows on top right of block highlighted

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