How to configure an onboarding exam in Proctortrack

Why Onboarding? 

The purpose of an onboarding exam is to give students an opportunity to install and test the Proctortrack software before entering a higher-stakes exam environment. By taking the onboarding exam before actual test is set to begin, instructors can also identify students who (for any reason) may not be able to have their exam proctored through Proctortrack, and then prepare alternatives. Finally, because students are asked to verify their identity in the onboarding exam, onboarding is an opportunity to capture identity verification data that can be compared to the identity verification data captured during the real exam.


It's important to note that you can only set up accommodations for students once they have completed the onboarding process.

Setting up the Onboarding Exam as an Instructor or Administrator 

  1. In your Moodle course create a short quiz that will serve as an “onboarding quiz” (no more than 3 questions). Consider adding the following T/F questions: March is the first month of every calendar year (F). December is the final month of every year (T).

  2. Enable Proctortrack for the quiz by going to edit settings. 
  3. Scroll to the “Extra restrictions on attempts” heading and select “Enable Proctortrack for this Quiz.”

    Setting up a password for your proctored exam is optional and is not a requirement.

  4. Select Save and display at the bottom of the Edit settings page.

  5. Go ahead add some questions to your quiz. You will not be able to access Proctortrack dashboard until you have added at least a question to the quiz.

  6. To access Proctortrack dashboard, from the quiz page, click on Preview quiz now button or click on the cog wheel and select Preview
  7. Click on the blue button Go to my dashboard to open Proctortrack dashboard.

  8. From the Proctortrack page click on the Dashboard button at top right to locate the onboarding quiz that you created.
  9. In the Monitoring/Onboarding column for the onboarding quiz, select “Onboarding ON” from the dropdown menu.

If your quiz title has the word Onboarding then this status is automatically selected.

Have students take the onboarding quiz

Give students time to onboard

To ensure that students can smoothly participate in their required exams, it is important that students complete their onboarding quiz at least 4 hours before their scheduled exam.

Notify students that their onboarding quiz is available and what they can expect from the process. 

Verify students have completed their onboarding successfully

Administrators and instructors can view which students have completed the onboarding quiz through the Proctortrack dashboard.

  1. From the Proctortrack dashboard, select View Sessions from the Sessions List column.

  2. You will be taken to a page that shows the list of students that have completed the onboarding.

  3. To view the identity verification scans, select the arrow pointing down on the right hand side.

    To view the onboarding status of all students currently enrolled in your course, click Onboarding Status tab from the Proctortrack dashboard. 

Students will be requested to show their face and YU-card to validate identity, per the same structure that occurs during an in-person exam.

Should a student not have a YU-card, government issued ID can be displayed to the camera showing only the picture and name (all other information can be covered by you). Students will not be asked invasive personal questions, such as their government-issued identifiers (e.g. social insurance number, passport number). The access to this information is restricted to the instructor when they download the files and until that point this information will be securely stored on Proctortrack’s Canadian Servers.

York university will not require a room scan or knuckle scan through Proctortrack.

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