General Zoom versus Zoom PHIPA accounts

What the difference between the two types are.

We offer two experiences for our community members, depending on whether or not you need to be in compliance with the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA).

Main Zoom Accounts

By default, all users can automatically login via their Passport York (PPY) account through the following portal:

Faculty and staff have access to all of the common features available, including cloud recording and live transcription (closed captioning). Students do not have access to cloud recording due to the limitations on storage and the prohibitive costs related to hosting content through Zoom.

PHIPA Accounts

If you require to be compliant with PHIPA’s regulations, then you will need to submit a request to, and indicate that you need the PHIPA ‘flag’ added to your account. This will ensure that when you login to the portal link (above), you are routed to the special PHIPA account.

Note that adding any co-host to a PHIPA event will require that account to have the PHIPA flag set - The organizer and each co-host must have the PHIPA flag set in their accounts. 

It is important to note that both the cloud recording and live transcription (closed captioning) services are disabled for the PHIPA account. Both features require core functionality that comes from the United States, and therefore are not in compliance with PIHIPA.

Choosing which account for your needs

You can only be in one of these systems. Not both. Requests to change in-between the two is possible, but the change is not trivial, so if you decide to move, the change should be a long term one. Each time a change is requested, it will be passed through to the accounts team to change the PHIPA flag properties so that Zoom can see where you need to go.

Please let us know if you have any questions or, if you would like to proceed, then follow the guidance provided above for whichever option you choose.

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