How can I create a Group Assignment

eClass offers a variety of assignment configuration settings in order to help you control every aspect of assignment submissions, including release & end dates, access restrictions and other options. You can also create an assignment where students work in groups and each group makes a submission. 

If you would like to setup a group assignment assignment, you must first create Groups and add students to the groups. Instructions to create groups is available in Setting up groups in your course page.

Adding a Group Assignment to your Course

  1. Click on Turn editing on button in the top right part of the course home page.
  2. Click Add an activity or resource in the section where you would like the assignment to be listed.

  3. Select Assignment in the pop-up (also listed under Activities tab), and then click Add. The Adding a new Forum page will appear.

Configuring an Assignment

  1. Click Expand all to expand each of the sections and reveal the options.

  2. Configure the General, Availability, Assignment type and Submission settings for the assignment. More information about configuring each of these sections is available in How to add your assignment to your course page.

Group Submission settings

  1. For Students submit in groups, select Yes from the dropdown list.
  2. If Require group to make submission is set to Yes, students who are not in a group will be unable to make submission.

  3. Require all group members submit is enabled only when Require students click submit button in the Submission settings section is set to YesThe default setting (No) allows any member of the group to submit on behalf of the group. Changing this to Yes means that all students in the group must click the "Submit" button to indicate that they all have signed off on the submission.

  4. You can select relevant grouping from Grouping for student groups dropdown list if you would like to use them.

  5. Complete all other settings as required and click Save and return to course button at the bottom. 

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