How to Add Pearson to eClass

To sync your Pearson course with eClass, you will need to add an External Tool activity to your course. Once you add the Pearson link in your eClass course, you and your students can access Pearson content and participate in Pearson course activities. 

If you have used Pearson before, and have copied your eClass course from a previous year, you must remove all previous Pearson activities and Blocks from your new eClass course before adding the new activity. 



How to add the Pearson activity 

  1. From the My courses page click on your course title to enter the course
  2. In the right hand corner enable Edit mode
  3. Select a topic /section on the course homepage and click Add an activity or resource

  4. From the list select External tool 
  5. Under the General section, enter an Activity name for eg: Connect with Pearson

  6. Select Pearson from the Preconfigured tool options

  7. Scroll down and click Save and return to course

  8. Upon returning to the course homepage, click on the Pearson link, and click Open Pearson. Proceed to login to Pearson and follow these instructions to pair your Pearson course, if you have issues using Pearson please reach out to Melody Vincent directly (

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